ATNS Bursaries 2017 - 2018

ATNS Bursaries

ATNS Bursaries 2018 – 2019

ATNS Bursaries 2018 – ATNS is proud to invite dynamic and enthusiastic individuals to apply to be part of the Aeronautical Information Management Officer bursaries programme.

ATNS Bursaries Available

ATS flight-planning
Static and dynamic data management
Publication of Integrated Aeronautical Information packages
Aeronautical flight procedural design and charting
Aeronautical surveying
This bursar programme facilitates the initial training and exposure necessary to take the first steps along an interesting and ever-evolving journey in the field of Aeronautical Information Management.

ATNS Bursary Requirements

Be a minimum of 18-years-old
Have Grade 12 with maths and English (HG D or SG C or level 4 upwards)
Be a South African citizen
Be medically fit
Aeronautical Information Management is the skeletal and vascular system of the Air Traffic Management body. There exist opportunities to grow and develop skills in the following careers within Aeronautical Information Management.

ATNS Bursaries Details

The training bursary provides each bursar with an opportunity to conduct their studies at the ATNS Aviation Training Academy (ATA) in Bonaero Park.

ATNS Bursary Value

Cost of tuition for the ATS Core Content Course
Accommodation, on a sharing basis, at a guest lodge arranged by the ATNS ATA
Transport to and from the ATNS ATA, as per study and practical requirements
Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
A monthly allowance
10 days of non-academic activities as determined by the study programme coordinators

Bursary Obligation

After the successful completion of the initial course at the ATNS ATA, ATNS may offer the bursar a six months fixed-term contract to complete the necessary operational on-the-job training in either flight-planning or aeronautical communications. In terms of the bursary contract, the successful bursar accepts this contract. During this time, the bursar receives a salary and is no longer eligible for company accommodation, transport and so on. Medical aid and pension are not provided as benefits during this contract period. Learners will be working in a shift environment and must ensure that they are on time for their shifts.

Bursary requirements

Bursars are required to pass all of their modules, courses and examinations in order for the bursary to continue. Should a bursar not successfully complete an examination or assessment, but achieve more than 50%, he/she may be given the opportunity to rewrite or be re-assessed. Should he/she still not be successful, the bursary will be terminated.

Should a bursar choose not to undertake the fixed-term contract, ATNS may claim the investment made to date by the company. During the fixed-term contract the bursar must complete all of the necessary validations required to perform solo duties as an AIM Officer. The learner’s performance is continually monitored during this time and feedback is provided on an ongoing basis.

Within one month of the end of the fixed-term contract, the line manager will take a decision regarding offering the learner permanent employment as an AIM Officer with ATNS. Permanent employment will include an AIM Officer salary and full benefits (including medical aid, pension and so on). On acceptance of the offer, the AIM learner becomes a fully-fledged member of the ATNS’s Aeronautical Information Management team. He/she will be obliged to work for ATNS for one year in terms of the bursary agreement.

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  1. Lukholo Ndzelu

    I am currently doing grade 12. I am interested in 1. ATS FLIGHT PLANNING,
    2. Static and dynamic data management, 3. Publication of integrated aeronautical information packages, 4. Aeronautical flight procedural design and charting and aeronautical surveying. How can I get the application forms of bursary?

  2. Smangaliso

    Hi. I’m currently at Grade 12. I’m looking for a bursary to help me further my studies at university level. And the course that I want to enrol on is Civil Engineering. Hoping to hear from you soon.

  3. thato molepo

    i am having trouble applying at atns bursary programme can u send me the application form2017 at .please please i am really keen on becoming a female airtraffic controller.

  4. goodwill

    interested in studying for air traffic controller… how do i get the bursary form?

  5. Nometia Boledi

    I am currently in matric and I need the bursary application forms to further my studies. Thank you


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