Department of Social Development Bursary

Department of Social Development Bursary

Applications are open to current Social Work students as well as prospective students who would like to enroll for a Social Work Degree. Students who are currently holders of a National Department of Social Development Scholarship do not have to apply.

Applications close 31 OCtober

Application Requirements

Be a South African Citizen

New applicants must comply with the entry requirements set by the University and provide proof of admission by the University or a proof of payment for admission.
Fully and correctly complete the scholarship application form which is obtainable from the Social Work faculty at the University or from the Provincial Departments of Social Development (See contact details below).
Attach the following documentation such as a CV, certified copies of grade 12 results, Academic Record, your Identity Document, your parents or legal guardian identity document and their proof of income.
Be prepared to enter into an agreement for counter service with the Department of Social Development.
Must complete the qualification within the minimum period as prescribed by the University

Bursary Application

Complete the Application Form below and return along with:

Certified copy of Grade 12results
Certified copy of Identity
Document of applicant
Certified copy of ID and Proof of income of Parent/ Guardian
Current first year students/Prospective students in Social Work who need to undergo a selection process as prescribed by the University must provide proof that they have been selected to continue with their studies. (proof of admission by the University/proof of payment for admission)
Certified copy of Identity Document of applicant
Certified copy of Academic record on the official letterhead of the University
If the above documentation is not attached to your application form then your application will not be considered.

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  1. Sarah Ekie Lekale

    Hi, am Lekale Sarah Ekie, 7003090275089, 71 Oribi Street, Doorn, Welkom, 9459. Am a qualified Social Auxiliary Working and an Managing Director of Goldfields Family Advice Organization, am registered with Let’s Live Life Academic of Life Coaching Training. I ask an bursary of R30 000,00 of the training that must start on the 4 th February 2017.


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