Tiger Brands Bursary Application Form 2019 – SA Bursaries 2019

Tiger Brands Bursaries 2019

Tiger Brands bursaries foundation was built on the strength of family businesses and the spirit of entrepreneurship. It’s that enduring faith in human connections that’s given rise to the Group’s longevity – perhaps coupled with a very astute approach to the acquisition and disposal of businesses along the way. However it unfolds, the story of Tiger Brands’ is one defined by the charisma, belief and the fortuity of life.

Tiger Brands bursaries are awarded to successful candidates to complete a degree in Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial). These students will ‘work back’ their bursaries for a period equal to the period of their studies.
Bursaries are awarded to successful candidates for the following course of study:
  • BEng/BSc Chemical Engineering
  • BEng/BSc Electrical Engineering
  • BEng/BSc Industrial Engineering
  • BEng/BSc Mechanical Engineering
If you are interested in Workplace Experience opportunities such as In-service training, Internships or
Work Integrated Learning or applying for a bursary: