Mintek Bursary Application Form 2019 – SA Bursaries 2019

Mintek Bursaries 2019

Mintek provides two different bursary programs for students. They have an Undergraduate bursary program and also a Postgraduate bursary program. They intend to fill their operations, development and research sectors with highly skilled South Africans. Their Undergraduate program equips students with a degree, BTech diploma or Honor’s degree. Their Postgraduate program further develops undergraduates to a Doctorate level. Once they have finished their studies students work for Mintek on a year to year basis and also partake in a rigorous training course to strengthen what they have learned and give them a perfect career. They will help you to become an exceptional scientist and you will be privileged enough to work side by side with some of the world’s top researchers.

Mintek Bursaries Value

Mintek Bursaries are very comprehensive and include the following:
The University Tuition Fee
Full Registration Fee
The Exam Fee
University Housing Fee
University Meal Fee
University Book fee
Spending Money

Mintek Bursaries Available

Study Fields

Mintek will not give bursaries to National Diploma students. Mintek specializing in minerals has a vast field of study and can ensure the fields are all very exciting. The study fields provided by Mintek bursary programs are as follow:
Fuel Cells Study
Nano Technology & Science
Physical Metallurgy

Engineering Mining
Mining Environmental Compliance
Engineering Mechanical
Processing Minerals
Precious Metals / based drug discovery
Analytical / Geochemistry (Chemistry)
Engineering Chemical (Process control & Mineral Processing)
Engineering Electrical (Electronics & Process Control)
Geology in the following fields Economic , Applied, Petrology & Mineralogy

Bursary Application Process

How To Apply?

Visit Mintek website to apply for bursaries

One thought on “Mintek Bursary Application Form 2019 – SA Bursaries 2019

  1. John Malosi Monyepao

    I am hereby applying for bursary at your company.
    I have already complete my National diploma in Analytical chemistry at Tshwane university of technology.
    I want to do B tech in Analytical chemistry next year
    I would love to hear from you,
    Your Sincerely
    John Malosi Monyepao


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