Afrox Bursary Application Form 2019 – SA Bursaries 2019

Afrox Bursaries 2019

Afrox bursaries are awarded by the company which employs high calibre staff, we want to attract people who can contribute towards our drive to make Afrox a world-class company.

Have you excelled in your first academic year and are a well-balanced individual seeking to obtain a bursary?

We offer financial support to students in the fields of:

Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Chemical Engineering

Afrox Bursaries Application Requirements

You are required to do vacation work in Afrox during June/July and December/January university breaks. A line manager will conduct a formal performance appraisal at the end of both vacation work periods. You, in turn, will compile a presentation based on a project you will have completed during the work period. You will present it to the “Young Talent Development Committee”. Preference is given to applicants from previously disadvantaged groups.

Bursary Recruitment

Afrox, a Linde Group company, manages a bursary scheme. Bursary recruitment is in line with the company’s needs. The bursary covers university fees, books, residence fees (including catering and laundry). A bursary is valid for one year only. Subject to academic success and performance during vacation work in Afrox, the “Young Talent Development Committee”, may renew your bursary and contract for another year. This process will continue until you graduate.

How To Apply

Further bursary application directions will be posted on our Facebook page. Click here to like the page. Remember to send us a message with ‘Afrox Bursary’ after liking the page.

Alternatively visit Afrox website for bursary application.

2 thoughts on “Afrox Bursary Application Form 2019 – SA Bursaries 2019

  1. buyani xaba

    I would to receive one of your bursary as I cant afford to pay for my tuition and this is stressing which lead me to not to focus on my studies

    I would be happy if u include my request

    Yours faithfully

  2. Tiny

    I would like to receive one of your bursary as i have outstanding balances and this is frustrating,i can’t focus on my studies properly.I am doing my second year in industrial engineering,i’m affraid i wont be able to enrol in the next academic year please help

    I would be happy if u include my request

    Yours faithfully
    Tiny Ngcobo


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