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Isasa Bursaries

Isasa Bursary 2018 Isasa bursary gives you the opportunity to access bursaries to become quality Maths, Science or English teachers. Isasa Bursary Details The Department of Basic Education, Investec and ISASA are offering prospective teachers the opportunity to access bursaries to study for a four year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) or a one year post graduate (PGCE) degree… Read More »

VW Bursary Application Forms 2019

VW Bursary Application Information VW Bursaries ProgrammeThis programme is aimed at providing financial assistance and vocational work to students studying towards a qualification aligned to the motor industry. Bursaries are awarded according to specific Company needs. Bursaries are offered to undergraduates from the 2nd year of study at a recognised tertiary institution. Applications for bursaries are open, dependant… Read More »


  1. SAPREF BURSARIES  Each bursary consists of an annual grant for fulltime study at a recognized South African university. The bursary covers tuition, residence fees, books and practical work experience as set by the university. The successful applicants get a chance to work at SAPREF during their vacation periods, which gives an opportunity to gain practical experience… Read More »

Truworths Bursary Application Form 2019

Truworths Bursary Information 2019 Truworths bursary is designed for young individuals who have interest in fashion related careers. Bursary applications must be received on time. If you live, eat and breathe fashion, this is your chance to catapult your potential in partnership with South Africa’s leading fashion retailer. The exciting launch of the Truworths Fashion Academy is a… Read More »

Nemisa Bursary Application Forms 2019

Nemisa Bursary Information Students interested in Nemisa bursary for a career in electronic media stand a chance to win a share of R1 500 000.00 worth of bursaries for studies in animation, graphic design, television and radio production through a partnership between SABC Education and NEMISA. SABC Education is always looking for opportunities to assist learners in making a… Read More »

Gold Fields Bursary Application Form 2019

Gold Fields is one of the world’s largest unhedged producers of gold with attributable production of 3.6 million ounces per annum from nine operating mines in South Africa, Ghana, Australia and Peru. Gold Fields  also has an extensive growth pipeline with both greenfields and near mine exploration projects at various stages of development. Gold Fields has total attributable… Read More »

Harmony Gold Bursary 2019

Harmony Gold Bursary All applications should be received by or on 30 June 2018. New bursaries to be allocated will be for the calendar year 2018. Information provided should be supportive of your application. Students applying for bursaries; with less than a B Symbol in Mathematics and Physical Science will not be considered. Students applying for bursaries in… Read More »

CETA Bursary Application Forms 2019

The Ceta bursary team is confident that they will select the cream of the crop, noting that approximately 70% of the applicants already meet the minimum requirements – that of 60% in Mathamtics and Science. The Department has finalized the process of capturing the applicants onto the Bursary system. Currently, the Bursary team is liaising with applicants who… Read More »


FULL-TIME BURSARY SCHEME FOR NON-EMPLOYEESThis scheme is applicable to students studying on a full-time basis at any institutions registered with SAQA. By implication these students may not be employed on a full-time basis while studying but may be eligible for vacation employment and/or experiential training in the relevant division. Fees This scheme provides for all prescribed class fees,… Read More »


The prime membership criteria of this institution is possession of a Government Certificate of Competency, Mechanical or Electrical, Factories or Mines. Bursaries will be restricted to studies in either Mechanical or Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current) which is required by a student to eventually obtain the Certificate of Competency. The bursary will include studies at Technical College, Technicon or… Read More »