SACTWU Bursary

SACTWU Bursary Application Form 2019 – SA Bursaries 2019

SACTWU Bursary

SACTWU bursary is offered by this trade union to students throughout the country. The fund was first setup in 1975 and has been going since then.

SACTWU bursary allocation pays up to 75% of students fees to a maximum of R35 000 per academic year. If there are cost above the allocation, the student must pat up that cost difference.

Who Can Apply?

SACTWU has developed a criteria that all its applicants must meet if their bursary application is to be considered. Below is the criteria:

Bursary applicants must be SACTWU members/ the spouse of a SACTWU member/ a biological child of a SACTWU member/ a legally adopted child of a SACTWU member,
The University/ University of Technology where you are studying is registered with the National Department of Education
Child dependants may NOT be employed full-time,
Members must be paid-up by the previous 31 July

How To Apply for SACTWU Bursary?

Download and complete the SACTWU Bursary Application Form (.pdf)

Submit clear copies of the following supporting documentation along with your completed application form (the submission of these documents is compulsory – if any items are missing, your application be disregarded):

ID document (certified copy)
1 x colour photo (passport/ ID size)
Member’s ID document (certified copy)
Member’s latest payslip (certified copy)
Tertiary institution detailed statement of account for the current year of study (original/ certified copy)
Matric results certificate (certified copy)
Up to date academic record (certified copy)
If the member is your biological parent: unabridged birth certificate (certified copy)
If the member is your legal guardian: death certificate of biological parents, members marriage certificate, member and their spouses ID’s, court order or confirmation of guardianship from the Department of Social Development
If the member is your spouse: marriage certificate and spouse ID (certified copies)
If the member has been retrenched: an affidavit from them about their employment status
Students that are studying part-tome or via correspondence: affidavit stating your employment/ unemployment status (and if employed, a recent payslip),
If you are a child dependent: complete and submit the SaSU Application Form (pdf)

SACTU bursaries will be paid regardless of students receiving other bursaries or sponsorships. All monies will be
paid directly to the institution concerned. No monies will be paid directly to members. Refunds to
students/member who have a credit balance on their account will only be re-imbursed to them upon
successfully completing that year of study. No refunds/reimbursements will be paid during the course of the
year. However should a student have a student loan, and then any credits will be off-set against their student
loans and not be refunded to the student/member.


The complete application form and supporting documents must then be submitted to SACTWU Bursary Department, via one of the following methods:
1) Hand delivered:
3rd Floor James Bolton Hall
127 Magwaza Maphalala Street
2) Post:
SACTWU Bursary Department
P.O. Box 18359